Sunday, August 21, 2005

Law And Order

• End 'no win, no fee' and review use of Legal Aid.
• Free drugs available for consumption within controlled sites to remove gang revenues and as a driver for general crime. Removal of sales channels will remove the desire to push drugs and so reduce consumption. With no need to fund habits, people on drugs will no longer turn to crime. Crime will reduce considerably, allowing the Police to focus on other areas.
• Persistent troublemakers, currently being handled under the ASBO regime, to be denied 'food fire and shelter' – i.e. any forms of State aid, benefits, housing etc. in the UK. Extend to the family unit to make parents responsible for errant children who cannot be handled under adult law.
• All officers wired for sound (later vision) so all stop & search, arrests etc are recorded as they happen, transmitted near-time and transcribed and documented even as the individuals are brought back to the station with their charges, so freeing beat officers to return almost immediately to policing.
• Violent assaults during crimes committed on OAPs classified as attempted murder.
• Any use of knife as above.
• Life is life, and lifers must work to earn their keep.
• Build prison on remote, abandoned Scottish island to house violent and sex-crime prisoners using volunteer non-violent prison labour. This will allow non-violent offenders a chance to do something the public will respect them for and repay their debt to society.
• Return all prisons and Customs operations to the control and staffing by relevant “HM” departments. Regular independent review and policy audits to confirm public confidence in operational integrity and efficiency.
• License drinking establishments using a tiered fee based upon seating/standing ratios and size – lower seating ratios = higher charge. Larger establishments = higher charges. Legal maximum size of bar. Legal minimum seating/standing ratio.
• Drunk and disorderly behaviour to be met with overnight detention and potentially remand in custody until brought before Magistrates on weekdays. Fines to be adjusted back to historic levels, enabling fines in the order of £,000’s to be levied.
• All borders to check in and check out every individual regardless of nationality.
• Re-introduce need for foreign nationals to report to police stations on a regular basis and to notify of any change in address.
• Immigration – Economic immigration will be managed with regard to the economic needs of the nation. Must be open and transparent. All immigration should consider those countries that have natural or historic ties to the UK as having priority but not exclusivity.
• Non-UK EU citizens committing crime in the EU while resident in the UK will be blacklisted and returned with any dependents to their country of origin and banned from re-entry to the UK.
• Asylum cases can only be considered immediately upon landfall and ‘airside’, i.e. before formally entering the UK. All cases need full and valid documentation; otherwise they will be handed over to the UN. Cases need to be reviewed promptly and those awaiting judgment accommodated ‘airside’ and treated with dignity and respect by HM Customs staff.

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