Sunday, August 21, 2005

Transport and the Environment

• Build railways, stations and guided bus-ways where housing is desired (and allow building around the station) so nature takes its course.
• Tax road haulage to reflect cost to the economy (thereby making rail freight more competitive)
• Tax industrial/commercial land factoring in environmental impact, so that out-of-town office developments are more expensive than urban.
• Ban Diesel cabs, Buses and delivery vans in urban areas – switch to LPG or BioDiesel.
• LPG tax breaks set as rolling 10 years, to enable conversion to be cost effective.
• Enforce London 'Black Cab' standards on ALL taxis and minicabs.
• Road tax altered to be proportional to vehicle weight x area, to balance vehicle use of roadspace and damage to the surface, thus big bulky vehicles pay more, as do wider vehicles, heavy 4x4's etc.
• Vehicles to be annually tested for roadworthiness as part of their insurance certification, so 1 year insurance is confirmed once the vehicle is certified roadworthy for 1 year. Insurance companies will also collect the road tax (above) at the same time.
• Road building should be limited to managing and controlling the private sector expansion of the toll motorway network.
• Biofuels will be promoted (see Transport).
• All land left fallow or producing EU ‘quota crops’ to be phased over to produce raw materials for biofuels. Natural meadows with fast-growing self-seeding plant life (“weeds”) to be encouraged to promote diversity in fauna and flora.
• Remote wind and wave generation encouraged to crack water into hydrogen for transport via shipping. This will avoid need for long distance pylons and to control the release of energy into the grid.
• GM Crops will be prohibited until further notice.

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