Sunday, August 21, 2005


• More power, authority and responsibilities to head teachers – document ‘gold standard’ school regimes for other Heads to emulate.
• Teach children to think and to control their impulses, using mechanisms such as CoRT, to improve behaviour and learning.
• Bad schools should be allowed to die.
• Good schools should be encouraged to spawn branches, but not expand excessively on a single site to maintain sense of individuality and community.
• Private/Public schools should retain charity status and be eligible to receive voucher funding unless they are religious schools that exclude multi-faith enrollment.
• Fund and spread British English training worldwide via British Council, as Alliance Francais does.
• Allow work at 14 as apprentices part-funded by the state as a form of on-job training, but only in selective areas such as plumbing, electrical, engineering.
• Significantly more pay for the best teachers, but unions must accept that sub-standard teachers must be fired.
• Universities should be arranged so that the same revenue can be gained regardless of foreign or local students.
• GCSE’s and ‘A’-Levels to be graded with respect to their true purpose – of deciding relative abilities in each year so that job and university applications can be more rational and fair.


Raw Carrot said...

I like it. What made you stop?

Roger Thornhill said...

I am considering collecting together a series of questions and short statements like the Edu one I posted on your (excellent) blog to focus the minds of the reader and to potentially put to representatives of each party to see how they try and not answer...

Mad Dave said...

Perhaps the "bad" teachers could be sent to some re-training regime BEFORE they are finally sacked?

Can't we get back to some basic schooling, cutting out this general junk and concentrating on the ability to speak English coherently, do sums properly, appreciate our British heritage and understand basic sciences?